Girl Details/女孩详细

Profession Good Massage Service . Must Try !!
Name 昵称: Fiona (3005)
Age 年龄: 32 Years Old
Height 身高: 158cm
Boobs 胸围: 36E
Languages Spoken: Chinese & Simple English
Include Room 包房
Area 地区:
Location 地点: Central Apartment 中部公寓
Damage 价格: $100/60mins/Massage
$150/90mins/Full Body Massage
$200/120mins/Full Body Massage
Mobile 联络号码: 91310068


  • Authentic Massage/正规按摩
  • TCM Massage/中医按摩
  • Acupuncture point Massage/穴位按摩
  • Head, Neck & shoulder Massage/头,颈和肩部按摩
  • Authentic Acupressure Massage/指压按摩
  • Cupping cup/拔火罐
  • Guasha /刮痧
  • Body Oil Massage/油推
  • Kneeling Massage/跪背
  • Stepped Massage/踩背
  • Prostate Care/前列腺保养
  • Lymphatic Detoxification/淋巴排毒
  • HDLY/海底捞月
  • Juagen/抓根
  • Ear Cleaning /采耳 (add $20)


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Please reject if you saw not the same person. and Pay when you meet the Real person.



  • cyc says:

    Indeed live up to what others being commenting on her skillful & good massage. She is hardworking and not those piano type of massage.

    Uses good techniques to release your sored areas. You will find the effects at the end of the 90 mins session.

    Worth visiting and money spent. Nice lady and able to chat, if not can easily fallen asleep with cosy environment , enjoyable massage & soft music.

  • Massage Lover says:

    Well spent money in receiving a super massage. It takes a long time to find a suitable masseur like Fiona. Compared to my pervious regular masseur that return to her country, Fiona is better.

    Great comfortable after the session and target for longer hours on my next visit.

  • Jerry says:

    Best ML tat visited. Good massage strength leaving no uncovered sore muscles. Fully feels rejuvenated from head to toe.
    She is service focus, constantly checking on strength application.
    Place is comfy. I ended up extending to 90 mins if not for her next confirmed appointment. Will go for 2 hours as I believe it will be well spend.
    Recommend for massage lovers.

  • Yukon says:

    Wonderful massage with prefect strengths.
    Enjoyable one as what others being giving comments are positives.
    Natural respect and will deserve what you paid for.
    Will return soon

  • BEFG says:

    Look: 8
    Massage : 10
    Strength : 💪👍
    Place : 10
    RTM : 👍

  • Gilbo says:

    Should not give a miss to this woman.
    Massage skill : Good + Enjoyable
    Look : ‘woman smell’
    Attitude : Friendly
    Location : Convenient
    Place : Tidy & cosy
    RTM : Of course

  • CCH says:

    Wise choice to visit Fiona after reading much about her. Had my neck stif reduced to 85% after 90 minutes. She uses her ‘Gong Fu’ that she learned & heat lamp to loosen my neck’s vain. Although painful but is worth it, as I must said. Told her my next visit will need her to focus on my hip. Look forward to that. Thank you, Fiona.

  • OBS says:

    One word to describe after trying her out base on others feedbacks….’WORTH’.
    Good strength massage in a cosy environment with some soft music 🎶 that can lead you to fall asleep and by the time, you wake up is like a recharged man having loosen back from shoulder to legs. Listed top as my regular & return list.

  • Neo says:

    Fiona provides powerful decent massage, which you will find money well spent. She unknotted my arching back with her skillful massage. Believe me, one will feel comfortable after her massage, as sore as area(s) will be gone. Of course, still needs maintenance, therefore return visit definitely a yes.

  • AA says:

    Skillful massage with no nonsense that make me a freshman with sore shoulder gone. Better than visit TCM. Convenient place for those who drive as public car park nearby. RTM = Yes

  • Seah says:

    This woman Fiona indeed worth to visit. Her massage is no those piano lesson. She has her technique to loosen sore parts. With her firm strong strength, my back pain immediately feels the ease. Booked another 90 mins appointment with her for this week.

  • Zach says:

    Brother Andrew! thank you for sharing.
    I got my luck to try her out……No joke….. She is real good. Her massage helped to lossen my stiff neck that I had for weeks. Although painful as she begun, but as it goes, became enjoyable massage that made me fallen asleep. Woke up a total new feeling……no more stiffness on neck, shoulder & back.
    Massage : 11/10
    Place : tide & clean
    RTM: for sure

  • Charles says:

    Friendly & pretty & cheerful lady
    Massage is good and can’t compare to others which I visited
    Strength is enough to make you feel what massage is real
    Total relief after the session

  • Andrew says:

    Follower of Fiona for a long time! Recently my neck is tight and clamps! After ample efforts of trying to book, I finally got a 90-minute slot. Today I finally saw the goodness with my eyes! Real person is much better than photos, noble and elegant! She is full of spirits, icy and Jade, without the feeling of cannibalistic fireworks! The friendly smiling face, speech is very calm, and the gentle and elegant makes one feel very comfortable. She is a good listener, slender figure, oh my god! What a wonderful woman making my heart fascinated…she helped loosen the knot on my neck in less than 10 minutes, skillfully. Then massage my back, waist, and relax my muscles totally till I fell asleep… let’s amazing! Fiona! I love you! I really don’t want to end this session but she has another appointment…..see you soon!!!

  • Oon says:

    Tip top massage with no super relax feel
    So far those I visited cannot compare to Fiona’s excellent massage.

  • Meng says:

    Never go wrong place as she is so far the best of the best I come across.
    Hardworking & powerful massage skills making me feels so stream & sleep with soft music
    Now I know who to visit for great relaxing massage

  • TCH says:

    Her massage is unbelievable….👍👍👍
    She makes me feel so relax that I fall asleep.
    Worth every penny and will sure return for her comfortable & fantastic massage skills.

  • Wee says:

    按摩不是一班….. 是太好了…..不可错过…..在我重访的清单榜首.

  • Dan says:

    Read so much and decided to try
    Managed to grab a slot thinking raining is easy book but was wrong
    Enjoyable real good massage as what others said
    Wanted to extend time but she got upcoming appointment.
    Can say is a GEM …..RTM for sure

  • Eddie says:

    Thanks goodness, she is back.
    Service is as good as before.
    Massage is not piaon type. It’s very relaxing and you’ll feel very comfortable.
    No regrets on money spent.
    Not easy to find such good massage nowaday.
    Remember to treat her well.

  • Tazz says:

    在我被她按摩了 90 分钟之后。我今天又起不来上班了。睡得好!她美妙的按摩真的帮助我身体好轻松特别舒服. 喜欢按摩的朋友可以约她!

  • Samuel Ng says:

    Try her massage today 90min, good service, big boob, nice handjob

  • Wang says:

    Simply good massage & relax after the whole session. No nonsense and she uses her skill to relief your sore of tirness. These days not easy to find such experience lady.
    Look 8

  • TSK says:

    Massage is good come with sufficient strength. Able to talk like a friend with due respect.

    No regert for the time & money spent and see that 90 mins will be a better choice

  • PSL says:

    Good massage with sufficient strength & on spot. Feel great and 90 mins will be better.

  • Jefferson says:

    Good strength to ease your tiredness & body arching parts. Not easy to find this type of massage and feels relax & fresh. Will RTM

  • Fish man says:

    Awesome massage and service. Look even better in person. Will definitely make her my 1 choice from now can’t stop thinking about her. Really have a lot of GFE feel.

  • GE says:

    Her massage is great and feels very relax and fresh. Hard working, strength & massage skills are good. Bros who are looking for other services behind prostate care are not suitable as she is not into that but having said tat, her skill for HJ is also good. Nice & friendly lady should respect each other,

  • Albert says:

    Those who love solid massage, Fiona is the recommended one. After her massage one will feel R&R. Treat her well as not easy to find good massage these days.
    Look 8/10
    Massage 9/10
    Attitude 8/10

  • Sam says:

    Regretted for not visiting her earlier.
    Slim body with big boobs.
    Fair and smooth like tofu skin.
    Her place is clean and hygiene.
    Massage is 8/10.
    Look is 7/10.
    Courteous and obedient

    • KT says:

      Fiona massage is ? ? ? , she’s not those piano massage kind, therefore those looking for pure & good massage, she’s the one. Her prostate cum HJ done in a slow & no rush way, ensuring a high & shiok feeling. No nonsense from her and value for $ as 90mins package got to enjoy more of her massage skills. Worth to return.

    • KT says:

      Fiona massage is ? ? ? , she’s not those piano massage kind, therefore those looking for pure & good massage, she’s the one.

      Her prostate cum HJ done in a slow & no rush way, allowing one to enjoy the high & shiok feeling.

      No nonsense friendly lady. Worth for $ as 90mins package got to enjoy more of her massage skills. Worth returning

  • Day says:

    Visited her last night.
    As per other bros have commented, her massage is good.
    Combo of HDLY + JG + HJ after massage brings u to heaven.

    RTM is definitely

  • Victoria says:

    Massage is authentic and great. One of the best that I had. Friendly chatty and able to hold a conversation well just like a old friend.

  • Hj guy says:

    Pleasant looking, no nonsense but very skillful masseuse. She will relax your tired muscle & you can have a restful hour. Her prostate massage is heavenly & value for money. Highly recommended”